Mark Jefferies


Mark began his career in the marine industry in 1996. Building upon a solid foundation boating knowledge and experience from working on boats of his own, he began to broaden his experience, commissioning new yachts for a high-volume dealer. In the almost two decades since Mark has seen the boating business from all sides. His experience includes development, sales, and support of navigation systems for national manufacturers, as well as the specification and installation of nearly every type of system you will find on a modern cruising or racing yacht. While specializing in electrical and electronic systems, Mark also brings considerable hands-on experience with deck hardware, sail handling systems, plumbing, carpentry and plastic fabrication.  Additionally, over 20 years of avid racing, with considerable offshore experience, has left Mark with a strong appreciation for simplicity, safety and reliability in systems. 

J. Mark Sims

Started sailing in 1969 in Southern California as a child. He continued with good success racing small boats through the 1970’s and through College.  In the 1980 started working on offshore racing boats and to date has completed 12 Transpacific Races, Tahiti Race, Fastnet, Middle Sea, Cape Town Rio, Newport-Bermuda, Jamaica,  6 San Francisco-Hawaii races, 4 Transatlantic races, leg of the Whitbread Round the World Race, consulted for Reichal-Pugh yacht designs, Hall Spars, worked for two different Volvo Round the World Race teams, competed in multiple World Championships, dozens of U.S-Mexican races, and sailed in every major inshore regatta in the Northern Hemisphere.  He currently holds two ISAF recognized elapse time records. Has worked as boat captain for vessels ranging in size from 24’ to 128’ in dozens of countries and on four continents. In the mid 2000’s he began a yacht commissioning business which has commissioned over 100 new boats in the Mid-Atlantic region that offer the most experienced team to be found in the region.  Married with two children (one of whom recently named College All-American Skipper)

Our Team

Joe Gibson

As a lifetime boater Joe has amassed a great deal of knowledge regarding all systems on both power and sailing yachts. Experiences include 15 years of sail making which included loads of industrial design work, both fabricating motion control systems as well as creating new processes for sail manufacturing.  Joe has also been a marine mechanic and automotive mechanic specializing in marine diesels and BMW cars. When not fixing, upgrading or commissioning customer boats Joe can be found on the race course 
participating in Gran Prix yacht races. Having participated in many world championships and winning multiple North American and East Coast championships as well as many offshore races.  Joe brings a racers perspective to cruising yacht commissioning ensuring ease of use and practicality. In his free time Joe is probably scraping or painting his classic Chesapeake bay deadrise work boat.